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Bad moon rising
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Sunday, February 6th, 2005
4:00 pm
Life is great now. I've got everything I'll ever need. Power to keep me warm and so that I can watch all the DVD's I've scavanged earlier for this moment, booze and weed to keep me in a good mood and last of all, company. But I'm still wondering who saved the others back when they were trapped. And that brings me to the next big thing. We're in need of a big radio, a military or police issue. We're thinking about going out and get one tomorrow or something. More on that soon.
Saturday, January 29th, 2005
12:32 pm
They're back now. And with a generator that they're installing right now. While they where stealing the generator a lesser horde of undead happened to seige them and they where stuck inside that building for all that time. They coldn't escape until another car drove past them and lead the zombies away from them. Now my question is who drove that car. But for now I'm only going to wait while the others get the generator working and then relax to the luxury of electricity.
Thursday, January 27th, 2005
6:47 pm
Still not back, now I'm really worried. I don't think they're coming back at all actually.
Sunday, January 23rd, 2005
6:09 pm
The others aren't back yet. Hope nothing has happened to them since they went out with the majority of our guns, ammo and grenades (and of course the fact that they are my friends). Nothing has happened at the fortress except for me and the other guy having a little competition on the roof about who could kill most zombies in half an hour. I won with 13 over his 10. There aren't to many of them here and they don't keep coming like they did a few weeks before. Weird.
Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
6:19 pm
The others decided to stay here and I’m only thinking it’s good to see others, it was kinda boring being alone all that time. They have started to refer to me as the landlord of the fortress. They’re nice people and I’m getting alonf pretty good with them. At first they were kinda shocked about seeing a 16 year old kid like me surviving this. Pure luck I told them.

The time since last post have been a daze of pot, booze and Sublime on a bad boom box we found in one fo the apartments. I stayed away from the heavier stuff not wanting to OD. Would be ironic to die by an OD when there’s fucking zombies in the streets. But today I sobered up since the others told me that they’re going out to get a diesel generator. But I and Jon the slacker had to stay since ‘it would be unwise to be to many on the mission’. So I stayed and compensated it with killing all the zombies in the streets. There isn’t to many of them around now since the snow is slowing them down. The three of them drove away three hours ago and are to be back tomorrow. They’re going out of town and that takes some time. During the time I’ve been here I’ve done some thinking. I don’t want to sitt here and rott away for the rest of my life, I want to do stuff. I’ve got this crazy idea about leaving. This spring I’m going to get myself a car, grab some of the guns we’ve got here and head out. Drive down through Europe in a crusade of rampage and chaos. Maybe I’ll do that. And if I get by I’ll raid the Louvre and steal Mona Lisa. But that’s a month or two into the future. Now I’m going to return to my state of decadence through a bottle of vodka and a joint. Over and out for now.
Saturday, January 8th, 2005
8:08 pm
Good news

Today at noon I thought I heard some more fireworks, but I was wrong. This time it wasn’t fireworks, it was automatic gunfire. I thought about getting out and see if I could find them but my logical self got the upper hand. There was far to many ghouls outside for me to get away from. And I was kinda short on ammo (remember was). As the world became dark at around four pm more gunfire errupted. It sounded as if it was from downtown. Still I was to chickenshit to go out. But then I heard some more gunfire and the sound of an engine, a big fucking engine that is. I looked out my window and saw one of those snow plows come right at my house, a sillouette was leaning out from one of the windows and shot at all ghouls he could see. I guessed right when I thought they were heading for ‘my’ house.
The hundred ghouls around the house started of at the truck figuring that it was a better and more secure source of food than I was, thank you very much. The man riding shotgun got out a chock greanade (heavy flashbang type of thing that easily can concuss a man) and threw it at the group of ghouls. The grenade exploded and to my surprise the ghouls seemed to die from the blast. They just fell down and died. The plow stopped and four people got out from the vehicle. Three guys and a girl. All of them had assult rifles. I rushed down the stairs with my two .22 pistols and one of the shotguns (one which I had taken time to saw off). I bent up the barricaded door with a crowbar ‘opened’ the door. I got out and joined my friends in the combat. It didn’t take long before more zombies showed up and we had to retreat into the house. But we killed a loot of them, at least about one hundred and fifty of them, and countinf those from my ‘sweeps’ it’s at least three hundred truly dead corpses down there. I feel a little ashamed to say this, but standing there back to back with the others with the .22’s in my hands firing akimbo at the oncoming hordes felt cool, like a modern cowboy. Not that I hit to many of them and the tiny .22 bullets doesn’t make any damage when you don’t hit them in the head (unlike 7.62 FMJ turned fired on auto, that shreds everything.) But as I said we had to retreat after a while.
Together we blocked the door. The people was a group of survivors that had been living on the road for all this time. Today, when I heard the automatic gunfire, they were raiding the police station in town and hit a jackpot. Lots of guns (twelve AK-4, some AK-5, two riot shotguns, a PSG, all those grenades and a shitload of handguns), massive ammounts of ammo to all the guns and, best of all, ‘some evidence’ aka drugs. A few kilos of pot, some cocaine, smack and all those other things your mom, dad and principal told you not to get to close. We had to fight again, to get the guns inside, but it was worth it. The people was Gunnar, some kind of tech dude or something, his girl Elin, his friend Jon, tall and lazy they said and lastly, Johan, G.I. Joe extraordinare. A good team. Now we’ve turned one of the apartments into a armory. It was them who had been firing all the fireworks.
But now there’s a greater need for food. When I was alone I only had to feed me, but now there’s five of us. G has been talking about trying to get a hold of one of those diesel generators now when they had a house and not a truck. With all this hardware and people who can use it it wont be a problem to go out into town. By the way, the snow has melted away completely. Over and out.
Wednesday, January 5th, 2005
6:31 pm
Today two important things happened. One bad and one good.

First, the fucking snow is melting away! This is bad.

Second:I woke up this morning hearing loud booming sounds from downtown. First I thought it was gunshots, but when I looked out the window I saw how the whole sky was lit up by fireworks worth a small fortune. That means there's someone else in this town. But since the snow is melting and the zombies are staggering around everywhere I haven't went out yet.
Saturday, January 1st, 2005
4:57 pm
Happy new year!!! Or not

Woke up in a pool of my own puke freezing my ass off with the worst fucking hangover ever. It feels like my head is going to explode and I had to vomit some more when I stood up. The whole apartment was littered with empty and half empty cans of beer and booze. And puke of course. I somehow fell asleep in the opposite corner of the fireplace (the only source of heat since the power is out) and lived through the night. Last thing I remember was that I tried to throw a molotov coctail at the zombies outside. It hit the snow and didn’t break so the bottle just exploded when the rag burnt out. If the ghouls would have felt pain they would have screamed when all the glass shrapnel hit them. Guess there is more than a few of them with pieces of glass pointing out from their flesh. That reminds me, got to sweep tomorrow. I’ve been out of action all day because of this fucking hangover.
The barricades are holding up nicely and nothing really dangerous has happened at all. But if the snow starts melting soon everything will be like a stirred up hornets nest. But it doesn’t look like it’s going too anytime soon.
It’s a new year but it’s not a happy new year. I remember how people used to say stuff like: “This year is going to be a better one than last.”. I bet no one said that yesterday.
But even as the situation is so shitty as it is, things are pretty good. I have a whole house for myself and it’s safe. I’ve got more guns than I need and ammo for them. Food is nowhere close to running out. And if I was short of anything I could easily sneak out and raid some more. The only bad thing is that it’s getting a little lonley. And I’ve read all books here that is worht reading. And it really sucks that I don’t have any power since I found a real collection of odd movies in J. Haraldssons apratment a few days ago. I’ve been wearing the same three sets of clothes for almost a month, and that sucks. I need to grab some new next time I go out.
Washing is not nice either since all water is cold. But that’s only menial things that I don’t really care about to much. But I would apreaciate some company. Over and out once again.
Thursday, December 30th, 2004
8:32 pm
Snowed even more today, which is good for me since the zombies outside are trapped in the deep snow. So I felt for some real cleaning and spent the whole day splatting the sorry bastards heads. And with all this snow it wont be a problem to get out and snatch more food whenever I want. Life is good for the moment
Monday, December 27th, 2004
6:40 pm
nothing really happens now. been shooting from the roof but I can't shoot to many of the fucks at a time since every shot draws far to much attention. the power is out too, which sucks bigtime. thats about it today.
Monday, December 13th, 2004
7:27 pm
Only posting to say that I'm getting kind of low on ammo. Might have to raid the gun shop some day now.
Sunday, December 12th, 2004
7:48 pm
the house is boarded up nicely now. I have went out two times since the last post but nothing dangerous happened. if you keep the ghould at a distance they aren't dangerous. and all the ice makes it easier. I have trained with the guns on the roof to clean up on the street and I'm glad to say that I'm getting pretty good at shooting. other than that there isn't much to say. Over and out.
Saturday, December 4th, 2004
3:03 pm
I woke up about an hour ago. I went out on a real adventure about two hours after my last post. I went out armed with a golf club. The usual ghouls on the street didn’t notice me because I hid behind cars and did the old “throw-a-stone-to-get-someones-attenition-directed-elswere” trick, which worked as a charm. Two blocks later a group of zombies noticed me and started to stumble at me. Instead of running I figured it would be smart to see if I could kill one of them with the club and how fast they were in a fight.
The first one that got close was an old woman, or at least it had been before it turned into a flesh eating zombie. It had several chunks of flesh mising from it’s arms and torso. When it got close I raised the golf club and prepared to swing. It didn’t make any atempt to dodge or even block the blow so I swung the club at it’s head, hard. The club connected with it’s head and the whole head exploded and painted the snow red and pink. It fell down and didn’t get up again. This is easy, was my first thought. Two new zombies reached me and I swung again and hit the first zombie, which was a middle aged woman. Then I hit the third, a guy in my own age, in the forehead. The fourth and last zombie must had slipped and broken it’s leg or something because it came crawling at me. The golf club came down again and the former group of zombies could finally be declared deceased for real, so to say. I decided to stay low the rest of the time. Sure four zombies were easy, but I doubt fifty or a hundred are as easy. There were zombies everywere, but none of them saw me. I reached my first stop without any other inconveniences, it was the Karlstads only gunstore, Ahnö weapons. I hadn’t planned this or anything, not even thought about the door being locked. It was locked. If the windows didn’t have bars all over it I would have crushed it. So there I was in the middle of Karlstad with zombies crawling all over and no way into the place. I surprise myself sometimes with my quickness of wit sometimes. The store to the left of the gunstore was a simple resrurant and was in the same building. I broke the resturants window and got into it and into the back door in the place. It lead into the kitchen and the door in the kitchen lead into a storage room with another door in it. That door finally lead to a corridor were entrances to all the shops on the street. The gunstores door was a simple wooden door, which was locked. So I ran back into the kitchen and grabbed a cleaver and went back to the gunstores door. It was easy to chop the door into splinters with the razor sharp axe. Then I entered heaven. I grabbed as many guns as I could carry. Two shotguns, one .12 guage and one .20 guage, a .22 rifle, three .22 pistols and a scoped hunting rifle. The pistols and the ammo fit into a military issue duffel bag that the owner had in his office. The rifles and shotguns however was heavy too carry all the way back to the apartment. I am no jock, actually I’m in quite bad shape. I figured I’d get back with the guns to the apartment before I went out for food. Somehow I managed to sneak undetected all the way back to the apartment with the guns that seemed to become heavier for every step I took. Back at the apartment I had some rest. Then I spent another hour trying to figure out how the guns worked. I’m not used to guns even if all the movies I watch have lots of them. So with my memories of how people did in the movies I soon figured out how they worked. I even fired a shot into the wall with one of the .22 pistols. I slung the .20 shotgun over my shoulders and put two .22 pistols in my pockets and went out into the breach again.
I figured a gunshot would attract far more attention than I needed and stayed unseen. One thing is for sure, the undead are dumb as dead wood. I raided a gas station and filled the military duffel bag with eatable stuff like bread, milk that hadn’t passed it’s date yet, fruits, junkfood and stuff like that. Then I got an impulse and siphoned some gas from a car and got home. Guess some molotovs would come in handy sooner or later. When I got back none of the zombies had seen me. I made sure the door was barricaded well enough before I went to sleep. I got the idea to board up all the entrances and windows on the first floor real good and then turn this building into my fortress and home for the winter. That’s what I’ve been doing all day and I guess it will take all tomorrow. I only board up one window at the time, the zombies has got real good hearing and if I would do more than one window at once it would attract far to much attention. It looks as if it’s going to snow soon. Over and out.
Thursday, December 2nd, 2004
6:14 pm
I stayed inside all day and yesterday “enjoying” the former owners collection of romantic comedys. They sucked. I also got time to think about what the hell I’m going to do. I think that I’ll stay here as long as the power is on, it’s much better than home were I live on ground level and therefore much harder to defend. The supplies I grabbed earlier didn’t last as long as I thought. I think I need to go out and grab some more tonight. Before the TV (or at least the transmiter around here) shut down they said that the zombies can be killed with massive trauma to their heads, like a gunshot. They also said that their night vision was bad, worse than normal humans actually. I don’t know about that but I rather go out at night if there is a chance that they might not see me. But the most unbelivable and ridiculus thing they said was that everything is going to be alright. Alright my ass I say. If they think they can clean this mess up when more than 80% of Swedens inhabitants are dead I say FUCK THEM. It’s as bad as it can be. My reasoning are that this is a new world order and that the most important thing is to stay alive. I think I’m going out tonight, and then I’ll go get the most importan things, food and guns. The zombies aren’t to dangerous now, they’re slow and dumb. I’ve think I know what kind of person the former owner was. It was a woman (because all the clothes I can find are womanish). She was quite rich (east to tell by the nice apartment and the even nicer stuff inside). And she left early (she had time to pack all winter clothes, I don’t see any photos of the owner or her family anywere.), the thing I wonder is why the door was unlocked and why there was some canned food left in the kitchen. I also found some golf clubs I can use to bash any zombie that gets to close. That’s about everything there is to say about my current status. Over and out.
Wednesday, December 1st, 2004
1:19 pm
I see a bad moon rising
I see trouble on the way
I see earthquakes and lightnin'
I see bad times today.
Credence Clearwater, Bad moon Rising

I figured it would be fun to write down my life so that when I’m dead (or worse) someone can find this and have a good laugh. I’m sure you know what has happened to the world but I’ll tell you just in case you woke up from a coma like the guy in 28 days later. A week ago the dead didn’t stay put in their graves anymore and started to walk around killing people. The most unlikley catastrophe has happened. What was only scripts for splatter movies has now come true. About three days ago the shit hit the fan in Sweden (were I live). Two days ago the first cases in Karlstad (were I live in Sweden) happened. My parents were away on some aniversery or something in Spain and I was home alone. I stayed inside until I ran out of food (yesterday). I hightailed from my parents house to the closest foodstore (half of the city is dead, who is going to care about me raiding a seven eleven?). When I arrived I saw the first zombies, no way they were something else than zombies. They were dead, I could see that, but still they were walking. Kind of funny though, I used to watch all kinds of horror movies but always like zombie movies best. And now it’s happening for real. It was three of them, shambling and had blood all over them. But luckily for me the were far away and slow. When I think about it now it’s almost funny, the snow and ice made the three ghouls slip and fall down every second step they took. That didn’t stop them though, they started to get up as soon as they fell down. I got into the store and grabbed a duffel bag full of noodles and coca-cola. Then I got the fuck out of there. On my way home (I was walking since I don’t own any other vehicle) I saw a horde of at least fifty zombies coming right at me. So I ran back until I faced another horde. So there I was, in the middle of Karlstad with zombies everywhere. So I ran into a apartment and barricaded the door with a cuppboard in case some of the things followed me. That was a couple of hours ago, the power is still on and I’ve got water. I watched the undead through the window and right now there are half a dozen of them shambling around outside, I don’t think they know I’m in here. BTW, the apartment I’m in is pretty nice. Big TV, nice copmuter and some canned food. I wonder why the door was unlocked and were the owner is.

Current Mood: scared
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